Our History of Helping

In 2005, we established the small school’s fund as part of a community reaction to save local schools from closing. Then, in 2015, we became the Community Asset Fund thanks to LEADER and European Union funding. Now, we continue to support our local community through our members’ choices of good causes.

Our players, promoters and charities

Whether you’re a player, promoter, or a charity, you are so important to everything that we try to achieve here at Asedion. Community-minded people like yourself are pivotal to not only the success of the project but to the success of the spirit found within a community.

We are a Community Assets Fund that are supported by funding from LEADER and the European Union. Thanks to your help with this project, we aim to continue to support the local community in Pembrokeshire and wider West Wales.

So, no matter what role you play at Asedion, you’re part of the team.

How Does it Work?

Once you're in, you can sit back and wait to see if you are one of our lucky monthly winners while knowing that you’ve helped out a good cause. Let's see the three ways it's broken down!





50% of your money will go back to the local community or a good cause of your choice





35% of your money will be put into your growing regional lottery pot, where you could be a winner





15% will go back into Asedion for administration costs to keep the project moving forward