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To join our regional lottery begin by selecting a package of your choice.

1 Month Subscription

£5 a Month

3 Month Subscription

£15 Every 3 Months

Yearly Subscription

£60 a Year

We are always looking for new members to join our community here at Asedion.

At Asedion, we help out charities close to your heart and offer an exciting monthly jackpot prize for all of our members.
Your membership fee is split towards helping a good cause of your choice, our regional monthly lottery draw and administration costs to keep the project going.
There are many benefits to becoming a member and joining our team. Helping those in Pembrokeshire and the wider community, you can become part of our community spirit and become a real help in your area.

Your money makes a difference.

You can sit back and smile knowing that you are donating £30 every year to a local charity or good cause that is close to your heart and that this money will be spent in the local community that you are supporting.

You can become a lottery winner

You get five tickets to our monthly lottery draw where you could win £1,000. Seeing our members become big winners puts such a smile on our faces. Who knows, the next winner could be you.

You can see how you are helping

You can see all the kinds of ways that being a member of Asedion is helping those in need. After you have chosen the good cause that you would like to help, you will receive updates and photos to show where your donation is being spent.

Let’s do it! Become a lottery winner and help out a good cause that you love

‘How do I join?’ I hear you ask. Well, it’s simple. Just fill out the standing order and contact details form, send it to us… and we will do the rest!

Check out how our regional lottery winners have helped your community